Testosterone, It’s Not Just for Men Anymore

When we talk about hormone decline in women, it is usually focused on estrogen and progesterone. Testosterone however, typically thought of as the, “male hormone,” is necessary for good health and quality of life in women as well. Men and women go through the same age related decline in testosterone levels and replacing it to youthful levels can improve health and the quality of your life in many ways. By age 40, most women only produce about half of the testosterone that they did in their twenties. This number declines even further as women go through menopause or if they have their ovaries removed during a hysterectomy.

Testosterone deficiency symptoms can include:
  • Low energy
  • Weight gain / increasing body fat – especially around the belly
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Exercise Intolerance
  • Loss of Muscle mass
  • Decreased Strength
  • Loss of sex drive / Libido
  • Depression
  • Hair Loss
  • Irritability
  • Hormone Imbalance(s)
  • Anxiety
  • Feelings of inadequacy
  • thinning of bones (osteoporosis)
The majority of prescriptions written for hormone replacement in women, in addition to being dangerous synthetic hormones, do not contain testosterone which is needed for good health and well being in women just as much as it is in men. The sad part is that most women, and many physicians do not even know it is an option! Women are rarely tested for this important hormone and is rarely discussed when discussing options for hormone replacement.

Testosterone is necessary to maintain adequate muscle mass and bone density. When levels are low it is much harder to lose fat and maintain or gain muscle, and it is harder to recover from exercise. Restoring youthful levels of testosterone frequently gives men and women the drive to start exercising again and typically promotes a sense of well being and confidence. Testosterone restores a healthy sex drive and improves sexual function. I have had many patients tell me that these effects have restored the intimacy which seemed to be lacking in their relationships. Others describe the restoration of the energy and vigor of youth.

If you believe your testosterone levels have declined with age, a simple blood test will tell you if that is the case. If it is, a small amount of bioidentical testosterone cream, applied topically once a day, could have a dramatic impact on your health and quality of life.

Until next time… Stay healthy and live well
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Dr. Michael Heim

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