Skip Surgery in Favor of Regenerative Injection Treatments

kneeRecent advances in regenerative medicine have finally provided sustainable and legitimate alternative treatment options to risky joint surgery. If your knee, hip, or other joint is causing you severe discomfort, you now can stimulate natural healing within your body to not just decrease your pain but genuinely improve or even cure the condition that caused your pain in the first place. These regenerative injection treatments are changing the face of modern medicine.

Concerns and Controversy Regarding Joint Surgery

Despite the fact that more than 500,000 people in America alone undergo knee surgery each year, we know surprisingly little about the long term impacts of joint surgery. Too many youth athletes have trusted joint surgery for recovery only to cope with ongoing pain and disability due to surgical complications and inefficiencies. One study even found that only 50 percent of more than 200 knee and hip replacement patients reported significant improvement after recovery. Furthermore, surgery places patients, especially the elderly, at risk of dangerous side effects like blood clots, pulmonary embolism, infections, nerve damage, and failure of prosthesis.

The Alternative

Prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma injections are non-surgical injection treatments that stimulate the body’s own internal healing processes to resolve tendon, ligament, and cartilage injuries. From torn meniscus, plantar fasciitis, and rotator cuff injuries to carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow, regenerative injection treatments can do it all.

Prolotherapy uses a solution of lidocaine, sterile dextrose, and water that is injected directly into the torn ligament, injured cartilage, or stretched tendon. The injection creates a mild, controlled injury that stimulates the body’s natural healing process. Inflammation is forced under control as blood flow increases to the affected area to naturally stimulate repair. After the prolotherapy has done its work, patients benefit from stronger, tighter tissue that is no longer burdened by pain.

PRP treatments, on the other hand, use a patient’s own blood spun through a centrifuge and injected back into the body. The high concentration of blood platelets, used over multiple treatment sessions, trigger dramatic healing that the body wouldn’t be able to achieve on its own. No surgery requiredjust safe, natural, and extensive healing.

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