Is the HCG Diet Right for You?

42012973 - dieting, weight scale, women.If you need to lose significant amounts of weight, there are a variety of diet programs out there that promise quick and efficient results. It’s best to speak to your doctor before making a decision. The HCG diet is one possibility that you should learn more about, as it could be the solution that you need.

Overall, the HCG diet pairs the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, with a low-calorie meal plan in order to generate fast, dramatic, and efficient weight loss results.

HCG’s Impact on the Body

The hormone HCG is actually a prohormone, which means that it helps the body produce even more hormones. If you are dealing with the downsides of menopause, andropause, hypothyroidism, or other conditions conditions related to hormone deficiencies, HCG can help you finally balance those hormone levels and propel you into consistent, lasting weight loss.

HCG has also been reported by patients to reduce feelings of hunger and cravings, so it supports the low-calorie meal plan. Furthermore, HCG places the body in an anabolic state that supports muscle building and prevents muscle breakdown. This is critical because rapid weight loss usually tends to cause muscle loss as well. A body that sheds fat while retaining muscle will enjoy a stronger metabolism that further encourages weight loss as well.

The Specifics of the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is relatively simple. You receive injections of HCG and supplement them with a low-calorie diet between 500 and 1200 calories per day. When you work with your doctor to complete the HCG diet, you will also learn about types of foods you should be eating, like protein, vegetables, and fruits, and other healthy meal choices. Most patients continue this process for eight weeks, at which point significant weight loss has occurred and healthier habits have been established to continue future weight loss without HCG injections. Ask your doctor about it today to find out more.

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