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    Older man considering hormone replacementAlso known as male menopause, andropause is the slow decline in testosterone that begins around age 40 for most men and continues throughout life. By the time most men reach the age of 70, they can have testosterone levels that are 75% less than that of a 25 year old. These declining levels lead to a host of symptoms typically chalked up to, “just getting older,” but we now know that this doesn’t have to be the case. For years we have treated women’s declining hormone levels to help prevent chronic health problems and disease and to alleviate symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats and irritability. Men however are much less likely to seek help for the symptoms of low testosterone which include decreased sex drive, decreased quality of erections, irritability, fatigue after meals and exercise intolerance. You may feel like you have lost your, “edge,” in the work place, decreased concentration and focus, as well as decreased muscle mass and increased body fat.

    The good news is we now know that you can reverse these symptoms with natural bio-identical testosterone replacement. If your physician has told you that your testosterone level is in the “normal range,” yet you have experienced the symptoms of low testosterone, let Dr. Heim evaluate your blood work to determine if you could benefit from treatment. You may need additional blood work to get the whole picture.

    If you are ready to, “get your edge back,” look and feel younger and restore the vigour of youth, call our office today for a free consultation with Dr. Heim to see if you are a candidate for testosterone replacement. There is no reason to live with the symptoms of low testosterone when you can safely restore your youthful levels with proper treatment. Enjoy better results in the gym, improved sex drive and performance, and reduced fatigue that comes with optimizing your testosterone levels. It’s time to stop just getting by and start living your life again.