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Primary Care Office Tampa Bay

At The Center for Health and Age Management, we have created a model for primary care based on a concept termed Ideal Micro Practice (IMP), which is part of a growing movement in primary care across the country that seeks to put medical care back in the hands of those who matter most: the patient and the doctor. Our goal is to provide exceptional and timely care to a limited number of patients who seek to improve their health and avoid disease rather than simply manage chronic disease with drugs.

Dr. Heim will spend quality one on one time with you to develop a meaningful physician – patient relationship based on respect and the common goal of optimizing your health and wellness. A typical first visit will last 45 – 60 minutes and will include a comprehensive history and physical which will be the basis for creating a mutually agreed upon health plan. Dr. Heim will prescribe medications, and employ diagnostic testing and blood work when practical but will also take a holistic approach to any health issues you may have, providing advice on diet, exercise and nutritional supplements, as well as addressing musculoskeletal imbalances through osteopathic manipulation techniques.