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    Tampa Stem Cell Treatments

    The world of regenerative medicine is evolving rapidly. Every year we are improving upon prior treatments and discovering new and exciting ways to turn back the clock and restore our bodies and minds. No single area of medicine is poised to change medicine the way Stem Cell treatment will. Stem Cells, specifically Mesenchymal Stem Cells are the cells our bodies produce that can change in to a variety of cell types such as cartilage, muscle or bone cells. We can now harness these cells to help with a variety of conditions such as arthritis and other conditions that occur as we age.

    Until recently, the procedure to harvest Stem Cells from a patient involved painful procedures to remove the cells from bone marrow or body fat. A sometimes lengthy and painful procedure that requires anesthesia and can leave a patient bruised and in pain for days after. Now there are ways to harvest Stem Cells that eliminate the need for painful lengthy and painful procedures and result in much more powerful and concentrated Stem Cells.

    For musculoskeletal pain, Stem Cells can be administered directly to a site of need such as an injured or knee, hip and shoulder joints as well as injecting around the ligaments of the spine to help strengthen and stabilize areas of weakness and reduce pain.

    Although Stem cells have been FDA approved for many years for certain types of cancers and immunological issues, they are not currently approved for other uses such as musculoskeletal and other systemic diseases. There are many studies in progress to assess their use in many diseases (over 200 studies in the area of autoimmune conditions alone) and although not yet approved are widely being used across the United States.

    If you would like more information on how you might benefit from Stem Cell treatment call for a free consultation with Dr. Heim today. 813-384-3107.

    Joint Rejuvenation Protocol

    Avoid or Delay surgery with Dr. Heim’s Joint rejuvenation program!

    Arthritis and injuries such as meniscus or cartilage tears that traditionally may require surgery may now be treated successfully with Stem Cell Treatments. These protocols may allow you to heal without the need for surgery or allow you to delay surgery for years and avoid the time-consuming recovery that comes with it.

    Dr. Heim has developed a proprietary joint rejuvenation protocol using a combination of treatments including Stem Cell, PRP and ozone administration, Nutritional supplements and a diet program designed to maximize your bodies ability to heal and regenerate. The Heim Rejuvenation protocols do not just involve injecting stem cells into a joint and hoping for the best. Over many years, Dr. Heim has developed a strategy that gives your body the tools to heal and regenerate.

    Just as a garden does not thrive without proper care, the body does not easily repair itself without the proper tools. A thriving garden takes proper soil preparation, nourishing seeds with nutrients and water and protection from the elements. Likewise your body requires the same thoughtful care.That is why Dr. Heim will analyze all areas of your health including diet, hormones, sleep, exercise and stress and make specific recommendations to maximize your health and ability to heal. By preparing your body prior to treatment with a low inflammation diet, nourishing your joints with a proprietary nutritional supplement program, and treating the areas of injury and pain with concentrated doses of Stem cells and other healing nutrients Dr. Heim creates the optimal environment for healing and regeneration. Injections are performed under ultrasound guidance to allow for maximum accuracy

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