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Female Hormone Replacement Tampa

During perimenopause which can begin in the thirties, women experience a slow decline in the production of hormones including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, followed by a more drastic reduction when women reach menopause around the age of 50. This reduction in hormone levels can affect women in profound ways. The more well known symptoms can include hot flashes, night sweats, irritability and mood swings as well as weight gain and decreased sex drive. Other less known symptoms can include fatigue, dry skin, increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels, difficulty sleeping, and forgetfulness. Declining hormone levels can drastically affect quality of life as well as cause serious health problems. As hormones decline a woman’s risk for heart disease, osteoporosis, and some cancers increases.

With bio-identical hormones we can return your hormone levels to youthful levels, restoring the energy and zest for life that you once had. With safe, bio-identical hormone replacement available, there is no reason for women to suffer through the symptoms and risk the health problems associated with declining hormone levels. At the center for health and age management, we prescribe only safe, plant derived hormones that are identical to the ones your body produces. We never use synthetic hormones which have been shown to increase risk of blod clots, strokes, and certain types of cancer.

Get your groove back, restore your sex drive, feel and look better than you have in years with safe and effective bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Make an appointment today for a free consultation with Dr. Heim to discuss whether you are a candidate for treatment.

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