Patient Reviews & Testimonials

I am 49 year-old Hispanic female. Since I can remember, even at 5 years old, I’ve had RAGE episodes. My mother and grandmother told me the rage was genetic. My grandmother was a miserable person and full of rage. My mother has episodes, but not to the extent of my grandmother.

Around age 30, the RAGE increased. At 48, I noticed it was happening about Day 15 to 25 of my menstrual cycle. I finally realized my behavior left me with almost no friends and affected my behavior at work.

It took me 1 year to find Dr. Heim. He was recommended by another hormone replacement doctor as the only one in the west coast of Florida with the most hours of training in the field. But, this was not the first time someone told me about Dr. Heim. An ex-boyfriend told me his ex-wife was visiting Dr. Heim and this man was NOT Happy. His ex-wife was shedding pounds, felt great and looked spectacular!

I wish I had visited Dr. Heim 10 YEARS AGO! The result, NO MORE RAGE EPISODES… that is RIGHT!!!!! It is NOT GENETIC, simply a hormonal imbalance. How could that be? My annual blood work was perfect (didn’t include hormonal testing), including my thyroid.

The first couple of months under treatment people were complimenting me, but they could not pinpoint the change. I had never heard people complimenting me about my new attitude and outlook in life, NEVER. It was the old miserable me!

I can guarantee, without a shadow of a doubt, your LIFE WILL CHANGE. Please don’t wait as long as I waited to seek professional help. I would have saved myself and the few people still in my life, 10 HORRIBLE YEARS!

~Eyra C.

Let’s just be honest, finding a good doctor is like looking for a needle in hay stack. I’m a former pharmaceutical rep and believe me when I tell that I feel sorry patients in some offices. Dr. Heim is the kind of Doctor I wish everyone had the pleasure to meet. Dr. Heim is one of a kind. He takes the time to listen to your concerns, does an excellent blood panel and takes the time to explain everything. He treats the whole body. He even does chiropractic adjustments. He is NOT pushing meds or diets or anything that even remotely makes you feel like he’s interested in any other than YOUR OVER ALL WELL BEING. He also provides IV therapy and joint pain therapy. Just because you’re not ‘sick in bed’ doesn’t mean you can’t up you’re game and feel better everyday!

~Katie M.

My family & I first met Dr. Heim 6 years ago and drive from Miami to see him- he has an amazing wealth of knowledge, truly professional & open in his approach, he truly know how to bring the body back to health & balance – he investigates and treats the body from what is lacking and source of the problem vs just a prescriptions that can simply mask symptons (but does not hesitate to prescribe when and as needed). Dr Heim has a personal approach, very easy to talk to, it feels like you are chatting to an old friend who trul y cares about your wellness and listens. He provides the solution most aligned to the needs, body and comfort of the patient – with incredible results. I would recommend him to anyone who is concerned with wellness –and living a healthy lifestyle – everyone I know who has seen him has also been equally impressed. The practice and staff are also extremely helpful and obliging and I can truly say I actually look forward to my visits.

~Tracey Bayer

I would recommend Dr Heim to anyone feeling the effects of “getting a little older”… and I HAVE!!! I have been THRILLED with the improvement I’ve seen in my symptoms, energy level, stamina, strength and appearance. I have more than a handful of friends going to Dr Heim and all of them are equally pleased. Dr Heim takes a real interest in helping you to feel your very best. He provides very individualized attention. He is NOT providing “one size fits all” treatments like so many other practices. He does thorough testing & analysi s and takes the time to review the results with you in terminology that you can understand. He really listens to your concerns and comes up with a treatment protocol individual to just you. He is very personable and easy to talk to, as is everyone in his office. If you’re looking at this then you’re considering going to see Dr Heim – DO IT – you’ll be so happy you did!! I PROMISE 🙂 –

~Julia Alarcon

Dr. Heim is an amazing doctor. He truly knows the human body and its intricacies, and always listens attentively to my questions and concerns. His office offers a great number of services, and I love how they have really easy, straightforward pricing. I cannot recommend this office enough!

~Felipe Fulgencio

Dr. Heim made me feel right at home. His demeanor was very calming, and it enabled me to spe ak freely about my health concerns. The staff also made me feel comfortable and welcome from the very first visit. I would surely recommend this doctor to anyone seeking a true professional.

~Angela Theriac

I am so glad to have been referred to Dr. Heim’s practice. I kn ow that I am in good hands. His integrative approach to health is exactly what I was looking for. His staff is awesome, so helpful and efficient. I could’t be happier with the care that I have had so far. ~Patrick Butcher
Love Dr. Heim and his staff! I’ve taken both the blood and saliva tests and haven’t felt this good in years. I also LOVE the new IV therapy.

~Katie Alexander Wills

I Love this place, Best Dr ever, he takes all the time he needs to listen to you and guide you towards the right direction. very caring staff.

~Pia Trujillo